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Industry Services _The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

empowering industry to
act on conservation goals

We understand that industry plays an integral and often critical role in coastal communities, and as such, CORE offers a range of ecological services to ensure corporate responsibility and due diligence is met. This includes conducting baseline ecological assessments, establishing long-term monitoring programs and evaluating the risk of potential impact to the disruption of valuable coastal and nearshore environments. 

Where viable, we can integrate these services into educational initiatives to upskill and train a new generation of environment students but also to build capacity in communities that interface with industry. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, our services not only safeguard ecosystems but also aid industries in achieving long-term viability by aligning economic progress with ecological integrity. 


_The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

Environmental Monitoring

We are dedicated to the implementation and management of monitoring programs designed to assess conditions and trends to support policy, training and education and to provide data critical for a range of stakeholders.

Previous clients have included Governments, private landowners and cruise companies.

Sea Turtle _The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

Environmental Impact Assessments

Our team of experts specialize in environmental impact/remediation and provide frameworks for pragmatic management of vulnerable or compromised ecosystems.


We are engaged by a range of stakeholders including private corporations, governments and construction professionals. 

Our work in the Sweetings Pond ecosystem continues in collaboraiton with the Univeristy _The Centre for Ocean Research and Education


Rapid ecological assessments (REAs) are effective tools for providing large amounts of information about a given area in a relatively short period of time to inform management action.


Our clients are typically establishing marine infrastructure projects, such as port development or cruise islands, and coastal urban projects.

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