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Our research focuses on the community dynamics of coastal and nearshore environments, deriving priority for conservation strategy and management of vulnerable ecosystems. Our aim is to further investigate the energetic connectivity among a range of habitats that contribute to a deeper understanding of biological interactions and equilibrium among broad spatial scales. Below, you will find a list of current and past projects.

   In Review 

  • Goetz JS, Heithaud MR, MacNeil AM…O’Shea OR et al. (In Review). Directed conservation of the world’s reef sharks. Nature

  • Smulders FOH, Campbell JE, Altieri AH…O’Shea OR et al. (In Review). Temperature and herbivory drives spatial variation in seagrass recovery across the tropical Western Atlantic. Ecology Letters

  • Rhoades OK, Munson CJ, Wied WL, Patrick CJ…O’Shea OR et al. (In Review). Herbivory declines with predator occurrence and predation at regional scales in Western Atlantic seagrass beds. Ecological Monographs


  • Fourqurean JE, Campbell JE, Rhoades OK...O’Shea OR et al. (2023). Herbivory, but not nutrient addition increases the organic carbon content of surficial soils in seagrass meadows across the western North Atlantic. Journal of Ecology

  • Shipley ON, Matich P, Hussey NE….O’Shea OR et al. (2023). Energetic connectivity of diverse elasmobranch populations – implications for ecological resilience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B290(1996), 20230262

  • Simpfendorfer CA, Heithaus M, Heupel M, MacNeil A…O’Shea OR et al. (2023). Widespread diversity deficits of coral reef sharks and rays. Science 380, no. 6650, pp 1155-1160

  • Shipley ON, Matich P, Hussey NE….O’Shea OR et al. (2023). Energetic connectivity of diverse elasmobranch populations – implications for ecological resilience. Proceedings of the Royal Society B290(1996), 20230262


  • Smulders FOH, Bakker ES, O’Shea OR, Campbell JE, Rhoades O and Christianen M (2022) Green turtles shape the seascape through grazing patch formation around habitat features: experimental evidence. Ecology DOI:10.1002/ecy.392

  • Wallace E and O’Shea OR (2022) Population genetic connectivity of an endangered stingray from The Bahamas. Hydrobiologia

  • Talwar B, Bradley D, Berry C, Bouyoucos I…O’Shea OR, et al. (2022) Estimated life history traits and movements of Caribbean reef sharks Carcharhinus perezi in The Bahamas based on conventional tagging. Marine Biology 169 (5), 1-9


  • O’Brien DA, Masonjones HD, Bethel E and O’Shea OR (2021) Nocturnal surveys reveal novel insights into the community dynamics of an anchialine ecosystem from The Bahamas. Estuarine, Coastal andShelf Science, 262 107588.

  • O'Brien DA, Taylor M, Masonjones, HD, Boersch-Supan PH and O'Shea OR (2021) An experimental assessment of social tolerance and dietary preference in a high-density octopus population. Marine Biology, 168(6): 221

  • Clementi G, Babcock E, Valentin-Albanese J et al... O’Shea OR (2021) Anthropogenic pressures on reef-associated sharks in jurisdictions with and without directed shark fishing. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 661: 175 – 18

  • O’Shea OR, van Leeuwen T, O’Brien D, Arrowsmith, L, McCalman R, Griffiths M and Exton D. (2021). Evidence and description of a nursery habitat for the recently reclassified stingray Styracura schmardae from The Bahamas Marine Ecology Progress Series. 660: 141-151

  • Smulders F, O'Shea OR and Christianen M (2021). Animal-borne video reveals atypical behaviour in provisioned green turtles: a global perspective of a widespread tourist activity. Global Ecology and Conservation. 25: e01417


  • O'Shea OR, Meadows L, Wrigglesworth E, Newton J and Hawkes L. (2020). Novel insights into the diet of southern and Caribbean whiptail stingrays. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 655:157-170

  • MacNeil MA, Chapman DD, Heupel, M et al... O'Shea OR (2020). Global status and conservation potential of reef sharks. Nature. 583: 801 – 806

  • O’Brien D, Taylor ML, Masonjones HD Boersch-Supan PH, and O'Shea OR (2020). Drivers of octopus abundance and density in an anchialine lake: a 30-year comparison. Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 528:\

  • Schwanck TN, Schweinsberg M, Lampert KP, Guttridge TL, Tollrian R and O’Shea OR (2020). Linking local movement and molecular analysis to explore philopatry and population connectivity of the southern stingray Hypanus americanus. Journal of Fish Biology 96: 1475–1488


Orrell D, Schneider E, Eisenbach O, Garg A, Bigelow B, Hauptmann H, Simon F, Cartwright J, O’Shea OR, McGaw IJ, and Van Leeuwen TE (2019). From individual to ecosystem: evaluating the effects of the stone crab (Menippe mercenaria) fishery process using simulated fishing scenarios in the laboratory. Caribbean Naturalist, 63


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Donations and gifts to our organization will directly contribute to fostering the next generation of environmental leaders, through the provision of resources critical in developing research education and engagement. Your support will cultivate and inspire a passionate community of students and citizen scientists dedicated to driving positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces.

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