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What is the Centre for Ocean Research and Education ?

Research Program 2019

BBC Blue Planet Live!

Damage Control: Shark Repellents

Stoa Scleractinia Podcast P1 

Stoa Scleractinia Podcast P3 

Stoa Scleractinia Podcast P5 

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BBC Blue Planet Promo

Education Programs 2019

CORE Swimming Lessons

Siren Sundays Podcast 

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Stoa Scleractinia Podcast P4 

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Stoa Scleractinia Podcast P8 

Print Media

New York Times, Owen O'Shea CORE Sciences

New York Times
The price they pay for your perfect vacation photo

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British Ecological Society

British Ecological Society
Owen's Story

Zephyr Nassau Sunshine
The Bahamas and World Oceans Day: What we have, and what we need


your contribution counts

Donations and gifts to our organization will directly contribute to fostering the next generation of environmental leaders, through the provision of resources critical in developing research education and engagement. Your support will cultivate and inspire a passionate community of students and citizen scientists dedicated to driving positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces.

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