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Citizen Scientist Programs

Program Summary

The Citizen Scientist Program at The Centre for Ocean Research and Education is a unique opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to actively engage in scientific research, contributing to our contemporary understanding on the natural world. This inclusive program opens the doors to those passionate about marine biology, environmental sciences, and ecosystem conservation, enabling valuable hands-on experience and up-skilling. 

Citizen Scientists will embark on a journey of excitement and discovery, learning the fundamental principles of the scientific method and promoting and developing scientific thinking. By actively participating in hands-on projects closely aligned with our ongoing research initiatives, Citizen Scientists become integral contributors to real-world scientific endeavours and conservation outcomes.

At CORE we firmly believe that scientific knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and this program reflects our commitment to democratising science. Whether you're an enthusiast with a curiosity for the natural world or someone looking to explore a potential career in research, the Citizen Scientist Program offers a welcoming and enriching environment to foster scientific learning, collaboration and curiosity.

Become a Citizen Scientist

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