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Research Program

Program Summary

The Centre for Ocean Research and Education facilitates research programs and projects for both undergraduate and graduate students including course work and dissertation. These opportunities aim to enhance the academic pursuits of college and graduate students by providing applied research experiences, project support and supervision. We can support students seeking to expand upon their understanding in fields such as marine and environmental biology, ecology, ecosystem restoration, climate change, sustainable food systems, conservation initiatives and environmental education.

CORE provides support and supervision across a wide portfolio of disciplines, and has a demonstrated track record of successful student supervision, including BSc, MSc, MPS and PhD programs. These projects - which include climate change studies, ecosystem restoration, animal ecology and broader conservation initiatives - align contemporary research endeavours with current funding and research priorities. By participating in these research experiences, students not only contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, but also gain critical skills and insights that will serve benefit through up-skilling, providing experience in academic and professional endeavours. 

Interested in conducting research?

We are constantly seeking new and exciting partnerships throughout the Caribbean and would very much like to hear from you should you be interested in collaborating with us to develop contemporary research projects.

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