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The biological diveristy of our coastal waters is immense if you just take a look _ The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

Community Outreach & Education

Community Outreach & Education

With the community, for the community and in the community...

Community outreach and education is at the very heart of our organisation, and extends across a diverse spectrum of initiatives. We prioritise the delivery of engaging and informative educational presentations, workshops, and interactive lessons that ignite and cultivate scientific curiosity. Leveraging our in-house expertise and experience, as well as collaborating with visiting scientists and special guests, our outreach efforts encompass a wide audience.


From hosting primary school visits to engaging with university classes, organising fundraising evenings and community events, to structured academic series, our approach to education is multifaceted. Our overarching goal is to emphasise the importance of conservation-driven natural sciences, fostering a deep appreciation for the value of preserving our environment. Through these informal, yet well considered events, we strive to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds with the knowledge and passion needed to champion environmental conservation and scientific discovery.

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