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Koy Jacobsen


Koy Jacobsen is currently earning his degree in Diving and Business Technology from The College of the Keys in Key West, FL with a focus on Research Diving and Underwater Photography. Koy is a Divemaster with several other specialty certifications and has logged hundreds of dives on reefs and wrecks around the Keys. 

Koy was born and raised in Sarasota, FL. Growing up in and around the water he developed a passion for preserving the natural resources of the marine environment. Koy attended NewGate IB Montessori School in Sarasota. In addition to his diploma he also received an International Baccalaureate Art Degree in Photography. Koy also graduated from Mote Marine Laboratory’s High School Internship Program. In his three years at Mote he worked alongside incredible scientists assisting in marine data collection, field sampling, and stingray tagging. These are just a few of the invaluable experiences that solidified Koy’s decision on making conservation diving and underwater photography a career. 

Through outreach, education and underwater photography Koy hopes to bring awareness to the desperate need for preserving and protecting our oceans.


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Donations and gifts to our organization will directly contribute to fostering the next generation of environmental leaders, through the provision of resources critical in developing research education and engagement. Your support will cultivate and inspire a passionate community of students and citizen scientists dedicated to driving positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces.

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