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Normans Cay_ The Centre for Ocean Research and Education


Operations Director


Hayley Furman is a 2019 Jack Kent Cooke Scholar with a passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship and holds an AA from Seminole State College, where she served on both the Sustainability and Honors Advisory committee. Her academic journey continued at Stetson University, where she earned a BA in Environmental Studies, Policy and Economics with a minor in Sustainable Food Systems. Hayley is incredibly focused and passionate about climate solutions and education, sustainable farming and food security. Throughout her career she has designed and managed programs that tackle environmental issues, including at the CLEO institute and currently, at Cortex Sustainability Intelligence.
Hayley’s appetite for community work extends to her own time, where she serves on the board as Operations Coordinator for Feed Hunger Now, an organization focused on food security and hydroponic gardening in Seminole County, FL.
Hayley brings a diverse and unique skill set to the Centre for Ocean Research and Education, and through her passions, experiences and background, positions her as a visionary leader at the intersection of environmental consciousness and business innovation.


your contribution counts

Donations and gifts to our organization will directly contribute to fostering the next generation of environmental leaders, through the provision of resources critical in developing research education and engagement. Your support will cultivate and inspire a passionate community of students and citizen scientists dedicated to driving positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces.

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