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Professor Emeritus, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Göteborg University, Sweden

In Memoriam

Formally at Royal Holloway, University of London, Michael was Director of Research in Biological Sciences, and in 2002, he was appointed as Director and Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Distinguished Research Chair in Experimental Marine Biology at Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden. Michael was Professor Emeritus at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the University of Gothenburg, and was also Guest Professor at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Michael became a leading international figure in marine infrastructure development as well as research into climate change and ocean acidification and was the Swedish representative on the Pool of experts and writing team for the United Nations World Ocean Assessment Panel.

Michael was active on the CORE Board from 2017 – 2022 and was one of the founding Directors, bringing many decades of experience in science and science education. His passion and commitment to sharing his love for the environment with young people was tangible, and it was not uncommon to find him in waist deep water, showing brittle stars he had just found to a group of awe struck children. His involvement with and contributions to our science and education programs transcended his role as a Board Member, and his investment in the people and communities of The Bahamas out islands came from a deeply personal place.


Mike's many important contributions to marine sciences will surely have long-lasting impact and his identity was, and still is inextricably linked within CORE, and through our mission and vision, we will continue to honour him through changing the lives of the young people we engage with.


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