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Flamingo Tongue _ The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

Conserving Biodiversity

Through Research, Education and Outreach

We're empowering communities and industry towards conservation priority. The Centre for Ocean Research and Education integrates applied marine research and education into stakeholder driven programs, empowering students, citizens and industry to drive change to ultimately promote the conservation of biodiversity.

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Understanding impacts and processes in ephemeral environments is critical in defining conservation frameworks and management of vulnerable ecosystems. The Centre for Ocean Research and Education focuses efforts on the restoration of habitats critical to supporting biodiversity, including coral reefs, seagrass, and mangroves. In collaboration with research partners, graduate students, and local stakeholders, our main objective is to increase the visibility of conservation priority to mitigate against the loss of biodiversity.

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The Centre for Ocean Research and Education is committed to providing immersive, experiential learning opportunities that address contemporary conservation problems, by integrating graduate research programs with grass roots education and outreach. Our focus is to build capacity and upskill students and communities with the tools to be pragmatic with conservation of wild spaces and we believe that no matter what your level of learning or qualifications, education is a right and not a privilege.




Environmental consultation services for industry involve expert guidance and assessment to ensure that businesses operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. These services encompass a range of activities, including evaluating the potential impact of industrial processes on the environment, recommending strategies for minimizing negative effects, and assisting in regulatory compliance. Combining our understanding of regulations and scientific knowledge, we can aid businesses achieve their operational goals while minimising their ecological footprint and contributing to a healthier planet

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Our Impact at a Glance...


Educational collaborations from Europe, Canada, USA and The Bahamas


Students who have successfully completed our Marine & Environmental programs


International research collaborations including graduate programs


Peer reviewed research papers published in international science journals


In funds raised through grants, gifts and donations
Green Turtle _ The Centre for Ocean Research and Education

your contribution counts

Donations and gifts to our organization will directly contribute to fostering the next generation of environmental leaders, through the provision of resources critical in developing research education and engagement. Your support will cultivate and inspire a passionate community of students and citizen scientists dedicated to driving positive change in the preservation of our wild spaces.

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