The Centre for Ocean Research and Education’s (CORE) mission, is to involve Bahamian students and communities in the data collection process of an applied scientific marine and environmental research initiative, that furthers our understanding of ecologically sensitive habitats, ultimately promoting the conservation of biodiversity through education

The Core field station provides a space for expression and learning.

The Core field station provides a space for expression and learning.

We conduct Marine and Environmental Research in a variety of coastal and nearshore habitats, with an ultimate agenda to promote the conservation value of vulnerable ecosystems and the species supported by them. In addition, we are committed to providing free marine science education to students, schools and communities throughout the islands of The Bahamas. 

In our first twelve months


  • Welcomed 509 visitors to our facility, 85% of whom were Bahamian citizens. 

  • Hosted six research groups from international institutions to conduct field work

  • Provided educational programs for 12 visiting groups, reaching 194 students

  • Provided free marine and environmental science education to 232 Bahamian students

  • Established a community education centre in the heart of Gregory Town. 

  • Offered free swim classes and residential summer research programs for local children. 

  • Raised over $50,000 in education grants, donations and equipment. 

  • Provided training and mentorship programs for nine Bahamian interns.


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