The Year in Review: 2018


There is no other way to start this letter as a prelude to our very first annual review. 

At this exact moment last year, I sat at my dining table with just a website and an idea, feeling a little terrified and unsure of myself and my ability to make CORE happen. The anticipation of how 2018 would evolve, shape and define this organisation was impossible to predict or calculate, and was, in its entirety, unknown. 

For me personally, this journey has been one of steep learning, catharsis and a level of profound contentment, as I witness this organisation transition from a concept, to what we have today – A fully functioning, tangible and recognisable ‘brand’, with a mission so deeply engrained in our philosophy, CORE is already synonymous with not just excellence in research and education, but community service and outreach. 

Among the many achievements and impacts CORE has had this year, we have put together a tremendously skilled and diverse board of full time directors, have been issued with our Articles of Incorporation, and more recently, received our 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS, making CORE, a legitimate public serving, non-profit research and education foundation. 

The support of our directors, donors, collaborators, students, community leaders, interns, technicians, friends, family and all other advocates for this organisation have been critical in our success. As we look to 2019 and the ambitious agenda I have carved out for CORE, we will continue to serve the community, and with your continued support we will Make Waves…